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Commercial Relocation Division

"Is your office moving??"

As professional commercial movers, Best in Broward Movers is rising as the local industry leader with providing the highest quality services at best in South Florida prices. We WILL cater to the needs of your business and MEET your budget, ensuring that your office, fitness facility, medical office, or warehousing arrangement suits your unique requirements BEST.?Best in Broward Movers professional commercial moving divisions offers with a wide range of solutions to our corporate and industrial customers to suit their needs and complete their challenges. Moving offices in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton is our specialty. Our best commercial move team can relocate offices domestically and even internationally, providing an assortment of customized services for worry-less move. Let the experience of Best in Broward Movers move YOU!

"Commercial Movers you can Trust!"

As professional business movers, we understand the little things goes into a successful office relocation nationwide. We offer a range of capabilities for office transfers, reassuring our effectively to relocate your business anywhere in the world. We're the South Florida ReMax Real Estate office movers with comprehensive services to ensuring we provide you a customized solutions.

Office Relocation Fort Lauderdale

We are office relocation experts with full white gloves service offerings to move your business while catering to every detail. You will be assigned a Relocation Coordinator who will guide you through every phase of your office relocation, from the initial free relocation estimate until the last box is unpacked and recycled. Our highly trained business relocation team collaborates with your Relocation Coordinator to ensure that every detail goes noticed and the job is done efficiently within budget and time frame. It is important to BE THE BEST COMMERCIAL MOVERS in South Florida.

Business Moving Solutions for Any Business

As business relocation experts, we can transport all of the following and much more: large filing cabinets, desks which may need to be disassembled and reassembled like modular and system office furniture, computer systems such as security camera and network towers, important records and documents, and all of the telephones and trinkets of the office. Our white glove service offers packing, crating/boxing, unpacking, re-setup, and removal of all trash and debris. We have full capabilities to uninstall then reinstall and configure large complicated office furniture modular and systems; this is a necessary essential to make many business relocation a successful mission. Any lag in business time is money lost for the business owners. Most definitely, Best in Broward Movers commercial relocation team can provide you with any custom solution needed for success.

If you would like to learn more about our commercial capacities, please call us at 954-501-1225 or fill out an online quote form.

Warehouse and Storage Options

Best in Broward Movers Commercial Division has warehousing and storage access in South Florida. If it is business materials or household goods, our storage programs with cater to any requirements of our client. We have access to a large number of storage facilities all over the country. Regardless of where you live or where you're relocation, we'll have a warehouse conveniently located close to your new destination.

Our warehouse and storage facilities are flexible to meet the demands of our clients. Offering both short and long term storage options, rest assured our team of relocation experts will allow the experience to move you. We offer only the BEST competitive monthly rates and will always negotiate on behalf of our client when doing long haul relocation. We will pick up the items you have stored, and then arrange for their delivery exactly when you need them. Our software allows us to track your items in every step of the process. So we know exactly where your shipping and stored belongs are at all times.

Secure, Clean, Safe Warehouse Facility

Best in Broward Movers only partners with warehouses that are state-of-the-art facilities; outfitted with fire and theft protection systems, 24hr video surveillance and fully secured premises. Your crated items will be put on pallets and vaulted away. We also provide various commercial options such as open racking. When you store your goods with Best In Broward Movers, they will be kept precious as if they were ours.

Records/Important Documentation Storage

Some of the most important items to store are records and important documentation. This high-level secured storage is available at several of our partner locations and will be discussed with your Relocation Coordinator. Such records and files from medical offices, law firms, government facilities, banks and other high level businesses trust in Best in Broward Movers to alway keep these files and documents safe. To learn about this level of records storage, please do call us today to discuss.

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